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Welcome to Auto Payment Finder where consumers shop for vehicles they desire, at payments they can afford. This is the dealership portal where Automobile Dealers maintain inventory, convert prices to payments and syndicate inventory to over 200 web sites on the Internet to include sites such as Auto Trader, and

A New-Vehicle Buyer Attitudes Study on Purchasing and Pricing showed that vehicle shoppers age 29 and younger tend to exhibit key differences in their buying habits related to pricing and negotiations. They are more apt to prefer negotiating with the dealer and more likely to negotiate based on the price of their monthly payment, as they find low monthly payments the most appealing offer. They also are more likely to agree that paying MSRP is fair compared to their older counterparts. But all vehicle buyers regardless of age demographics that are planning to finance their vehicle purchase ultimately make their final buying decision on whether they are comfortable enough that they can afford the monthly payment.

Auto Payment Finder was developed to assist dealers in delivering to consumers exactly what customers want, TO SHOP FOR VEHICLES THEY DESIRE, AT PAYMENTS THEY CAN AFFORD.

In order to create this type of website, the first thing we had to do was create a DEALER PORTAL that would import a dealers inventory every day of the week and based on configuration values convert all of the dealers prices to payments and then provide the dealership with services and marketing tools to promote the inventory. This was all developed by Microsoft Certified Developers.

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